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How To Fix A Stuck Drill Chuck

How To Fix A Stuck Drill Chuck

How To Fix A Stuck Drill Chuck – Drill chuck is a part of the drilling machine that functions as a drill bit holder. One of the problems that often occurs in drill chucks is jamming which results in the drill bit cannot be installed. Then, how to fix it? Please refer to the following discussion about how to overcome a stuck drill chuck.

Generally, the drill chuck has three clamping jaws that can move outward to hold and enter to release the drill bit. If the jaw drill chuck is jammed, it cannot be used to lay the drill bit.

One of the causes of a drill chuck jam is the storage of the drilling machine for a long time, but it does not provide lubricant to the drill chuck part. So that the drill chuck corrodes and results in being unable to move. Well, to fix this, please refer to the following discussion.

How To Fix A Stuck Drill Chuck

To fix the problem of a stuck drill head, it is actually a simple thing. But if the corrosion that occurs is getting worse, then the last way to take is to replace the drill head with a new one.

However, if the corrosion is not too severe, we can restore the function of the drill bit jaw clamp by spraying WD-40 liquid into the jaw groove of the clamp inside the drill head. After letting stand for a while, gently tap with a hammer the tip of the drill head so that the WD-40 fluid absorbs and erodes the corrosion that adheres.

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After that, try turning the drill head with the drill bit key alternately left and right. If successful, then the rotation of the drill head will move and function again.

In addition to WD-40 liquid, we can also use lubricating oils. If it is successful, give a little oil to the head of the drilling machine so that in the future it will not jam again.

Thus the discussion on how to fix a stuck drill chuck. Hope it is useful.

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