How to Hand Grinding Machine Maintenance

Hand Grinding Machine Maintenance

How to Hand Grinding Machine Maintenance – Hand grinding machine is a tool that can be used for a variety of jobs. To keep the hand grinding machine that we have durable and always have maximum performance, it is necessary to do the correct maintenance. The goal is to avoid any possible damage. So it is very important for us to take care of the grinding machine properly.

One of the easiest treatments for hand grinding machines is to follow the procedure of use in the user manual. By following the correct rules, we will know how to use, how to take care and how to fix the hand grinding machine. In addition, in the manual is usually also explained the parts in the grinding machine that need maintenance.

If you want to do maintenance on the grinding machine, but the manual has been lost and has not had time to read it, please read the following information on how to take care of the correct hand grinding machine to preserve and avoid damage.

How to Hand Grinding Machine Maintenance

1. Grease Feeding

In the hand grinding machine, there is a grease chamber located on the connecting gear. Long-term use, making grease depleted resulting in a rapid grinding machine heat. Therefore, check the availability of grease periodically. If grease has run out, immediately apply enough grease to avoid damage to the gears, such as rough noise or a powerless grinding machine.

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2. Carbon Brush Replacement

Carbon brush is a part of the hand grinding machine that can be exhausted due to time constraints on the use of the machine. If the carbon brush runs out, then the grinding machine can not be turned on. However, to avoid damage to the commutator that causes the grinding machine to light up, it is recommended to replace the carbon brush before it runs out completely.

3. Not Pressing When Grinding

Many do press at the time of grinding with the reason to speed up the time. However, it turns out that it can accelerate damage to the machine, due to the increasingly heavy rotational load due to compressive power. In addition, pressing the grind at the time of grinding can also endanger work safety. Therefore, at the time of grinding you should let the grinding eyes rotate following the erosion flow without any emphasis.

4. Cleaning After Using It

The splash of dirt that enters the machine when grinding can cause the hand grinding machine to jam if left alone. Usually the dirt will nest in the laher chart and armature wiggle room which can cause the engine to catch fire as the engine spins into drag. Therefore, clean the machine after grinding before storing it.

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5. Store In a Safe Place

When you’re done using it to grind, store the hand grinding machine properly. Remove the grinding eye from the holder and make sure that the position of the power cord is neatly curled. Do not place the grinding machine on a high place and easily fall. It is best to keep it in a closed place to avoid rat bites and the reach of children.

Such is the information on how to perform maintenance on the correct hand grinding machine to preserve and avoid damage. Hopefully useful.