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How To Hand Grinding Machine Works

How To Grinding Machine Works

How To Hand Grinding Machine Works – Hand grinding machine is a versatile tool that serves to cut and flatten work objects. This tool is operated by hand. The workings of this grinding machine are grinding eyes that rotate and come into contact with the work object, so that there is scraping of objects in the form of cutting, sharpening, sharpening, and new shape changes in the work object.

This machine is often used for work in workshops, carpentry and industrial projects. It is usually used to grind iron or cut wood. How to use it is also very practical and easy. Because this machine uses electrical energy to operate it.

The way this hand grinding machine works is dominated by the function of interconnected machine parts. Because, if any of the parts are damaged, then this grinding machine can not be used for grinding. There are parts of the hand grinding machine, including:

Power cable, is a part that serves to connect the machine with the power source.
Switch, is the part used to turn the grinding machine on and off.
Drive dynamo, isa pair of coils (rotors and stators) that serve as the source of the drive.
Carbon brush, is a part that serves as a static electricity flow from stator to rotor.
Connecting gear, is a part that serves to change the direction of the rotation vertically horizontally.
Grinding disk, is a part that serves to cut, flatten, and sharpen work objects.

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Those are the parts of the hand grinding machine that have an important role in the demands of how grinding machines work. While how to use a hand grinding machine is as follows.

  • Put the grinding disk in accordance with the work to be worked
  • Tighten the grinding disk and make sure the position is centered (right in the middle)
  • Use gloves and glasses as a safety shield
  • Hold the machine firmly and turn the machine on by connecting the power cable first. Then press the switch to the on position
  • Find the most comfortable position when grinding and try not to disturb the direction of the spark
  • Point the grinding tip right at the part of the work object to be grinded
  • Try not to press the grinding when grinding, let the grinding disk move following the groove
  • Once the grinding process is complete, immediately turn off the machine by pressing the switch to the off position. Then clean the grinding machine before storing it

Such is the discussion on how to hand grinding machine works. Hopefully useful.

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