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Water Pump Parts Name And Functions

Water Pump Parts Name

Water Pump Parts Name and Functions – A water pump is a tool that functions to suck and push water. To do its work, the water pump has the main part in the form of an electromotor and a pump tube. In this article, we will discuss about water pump part names and functions.

The parts of the water pump are important things to study. By understanding the names of the parts of the water pump and their functions, we can find out how the water pump works. The way the water pump works lies in the impeller. The rotation of the impeller will suck and push the water quickly.

The process of moving water to have a high flow pressure is the result of the performance of the water pump parts. The following will be explained what are the water pump parts name and their respective functions.

Water Pump Parts Name and Functions

The water pump consists of two main components, namely the drive component and the pump tube. Both components consist of other parts that work according to their duties. The parts of the water pump include:

1. Electromotor

The water pump drive machine is an electromotor. An electromotor is an electrical circuit consisting of a rotor and a stator. The electromotor will rotate if it is connected to a power source. The electromotor has the function of turning the impeller.

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2. Capacitors

Water pump capacitors generally use a starting type. However, there are also those equipped with running capacitors. The starting capacitor serves as a trigger for electromotor rotation when the water pump is turned on. If the electromotor has rotated, then the starting capacitor will be disconnected from the power source automatically.

3. Water Pump Tube

The water pump tube is the place where the process of suction and pushing water occurs. This pump tube is a room that is specially designed so that the suction process and the water push process can work optimally.

4. Impeller

Impeller is a component of a water pump in the form of a propeller. The impeller functions to make compression until the occurrence of suction and thrust. The faster the impeller rotation, the faster the suction and thrust speed of the water pump.

5. Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seal is a seal that is in charge of holding water in the water pump tube. The mechanical seal serves as a line cover for the impeller shaft with a water pump tube. That way, when the impeller shaft rotates, water does not come out of the tube.

6. Check Valve

The check valve is a part of the water pump that functions to close the suction channel. With the check valve, water will not return to the water source and is accommodated in the tube when the water pump is turned off.

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7. Automatic Pressure Switch

Automatic pressure switch in water pump is a switch that works automatically which is driven by water pressure. The automatic pressure switch will be disconnected when the water valve is closed and will reconnect when the water valve is open.

Thus the discussion about the water pump parts name and functions. Hope it is useful.

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