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How The Water Pump Work

Water Pump Work

How the Water Pump Work – A water pump is a machine used to suction and push water towards the installation pipeline. In carrying out its duties, the water pump has a simple working principle. The following will explain how the water pump works.

The working step of the water pump starts with the electromotor that moves to rotate the impeller. The rotation of the impeller on the tube produces suction power that will suck water from the source. When water fills the pump tube, fluid pressure occurs. Because it gets continuous pressure, the water in the tube will be pushed out towards the exhaust line.

The water pump’s working principle is greatly influenced by the parts of the pump. If one of the parts is damaged, then the water pump cannot work to produce maximum suction and thrust. There are also parts of the water pump, which are as follows:

1. Electromotor

The electromotor on the water pump serves to rotate the impeller. The rotation of the impeller will generate pressure to suck in and push the water inside the pump chamber.

2. Capacitor

The water pump capacitor is in charge of storing electrical energy used to turn on the electromotor. Water pump capacitors are generally a type of starting capacitor that functions to help drive the initial rotation in the electromotor.

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3. Impeller

The impeller is the most important part of the water pomap. The impeller serves to create pressure in the tube. So that water can be sucked in and pushed in the presence of pressure.

4. Mechanical Seal

Mekaniak seal is also an important part of the water pump. The mechanical seal serves to prevent compression leakage inside the pump tube from the movement of the impeller shaft.

5. Tube

The tube on the water pump is always completely filled with water. Its function is to apply greater water pressure to suck and push the water when the impeller rotates.

Thus the discussion about how the water pump work and its supporting parts. Hope it is useful.

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